Whynter Bwr 461dz Review

Whynter Bwr 461dz Review

Those searching for the ideal packed red or white wine refrigerator mosting likely to would like to take a very near look as well as every thing that the Whynter Red wine Fridge gives the table.

Readily available in pair of different capabilities and also with true double area wine fridge capabilities, this amazingly energy-efficient device offers you whatever you need to always keep between 28 to 46 containers of white wine at the excellent temperature while likewise appreciating total UV defense and an entire hold of other qualified level attributes at a pretty low-cost price.

Whynter BWR-281DZ
Whynter BWR-281DZ

Whynter BWR-281DZ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator Reviews

General Design

The initial thing that you’ll see regarding the Whynter BWR 461DZ Refrigerator is actually that it is perfectly made inside out, not merely benefiting from premium construction components throughout yet also utilizing stainless steel, toughened glass, LED technology to take advantage of a very contemporary, extremely sleek, as well as incredibly eye-catching appeal.

That is the type of a glass of wine fridge that is visiting match perfectly in any kind of home kitchen or even servants cupboard, despite whether it is actually “built-in” to the cupboards on its own or working as a standalone unit.


As highlighted above, you will possess the option to buy this certain red or white wine fridge right into various capacities.

Each of these refrigerators are actually pretty slim, pretty small, and also wisely designed to offer you with a quick and easy to utilize container storage space and loyalty unit without chewing up a lot of your important kitchen area cupboard real estate.

The 28 container system measures 22 1/2 ins long through 15 inches wide through 34 1/2 ins higher, whereas the 46 container system is heading to can be found in at 22 1/2 inches long through 23 1/2 ins large through 32 and also half inches higher.

Rack Design

The shelf style that the Whynter Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator makes use of is intelligently laid out to very easily suit your whole entire white wine compilation that you desire to keep chilled with no hassle or headache thus ever.

Along with the 28 bottle system, you are going to have the ability to always keep 10 containers in the upper region as well as 18 containers in the reduced (chillier) region, along with full as well as total control over the temps in each locations. The 46 bottle device is mosting likely to give you 16 containers in the upper area and 30 containers  in the lower region, once again with the total and also complete management over temp that you are searching for.

Temp Control

The temperature unit of the particular a glass of wine refrigerator is actually smart and also with ease designed, made along with the main thing in thoughts– delivering you along with the easiest capacity to totally manage every component of your red or white wine fridge temp without any inconvenience or even hassle whatsoever.

As our team have actually highlighted countless times throughout this simple customer review, you’ll consistently possess the opportunity to handle both areas of the red wine refrigerator along with their personal private temperature and also regulator command element. This allows you truly call in different regions to maintain your a glass of wine at specifically the temperature you intend to.


Like any sort of a glass of wine fridge, the Whynter BWR 461DZ Refrigerator is heading to create a bit of noise during the course of normal procedure, however, for one of the most component it is not going to be actually everything that you are not able to conveniently overlook or readjust to.

For system possesses highly effective and also as dependable as this, the sound is imperceptible.

Electricity Consumption

The Whynter BWR 461DZ Wine Refrigerator maximizes energy-efficient parts throughout, coming from the smartly designed and actively gauged thermostat command mechanism to the LED illumination throughout the daul pane glass that does not just give best UV protection but likewise protects far better too.


All traits looked at, there are actually a lot of various red wine refrigerators on the market readily available to decide coming from, but there iss a reason that plenty of folks continue to proceed with among the Whynter Wine Refrigerator alternatives accessible from this firm!

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